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??Future Fashionista?!?!

Styling and profiling for the camera before Nana’s house

Temmy has been receiving so many clothes left and right from everyone that we’re running outta space. When we get her dressed, we can never decide on an outfit. While I was gone, Todd decided he was gonna organize all of her clothes, but the task proved too daunting. *see picture below* If this is a sign of times to come, looks like she’s gonna need at least 5 hours to get ready for school smh lol.

Thanks everyone for the adorably cute clothes. We love them all!!

Temmy’s clothes that have nowhere to go
The “So Fresh and So Clean” robe courtesy of Uncle J

 *Good problems to have*

5ive Ways Mommydom is Bad For You

Mommydom really does bring out the best and worst of you. Here are my personal top five Mommydom worsts.

1. Sucking pacifiers. I remember watching Boyz in the Hood thinking man that looks sooo silly what kinda grown person sucks a pacifier. Now I AM that person. I always put her pacifier in my mouth before I give it to her or if we’re out and she no longer wants it, I hold it in my mouth. I’m pretty sure I suck it more than she does. Smh

2. My memory. Remember those “this is your brain on drugs” commercials?? Someone should make a “this is your brain on Mommydom” commercial. I swear I can’t remember anything …..

3. I sing. This might not sound like a worst, but if you think that then you’ve never heard me sing. And now I do it all the time. EVERYTHING is a song. Temmy just spit up? There’s a SONG for that.

4. I’m jealous. I’m not even gonna lie. I spend all day with Temmy, wake up with her in the middle of the night and yet, I still feel a little bruised ego when she smiles and makes googly faces at Todd. Those are supposed to be my kisses she’s giving away.

5. I nap. Don’t get me wrong naps are necessary every now and then. However, I usually fall asleep at least once a day trying to put Temmy to sleep. Then I wake up and realize that I have a few moments to actually take care of things around the house before she notices I put her down. I know “sleep when the baby sleeps” is the most given advice, but it feels so wrong. Even when my sleep-deprived body says otherwise, all I can think of are the things not getting done.

Ahhhh the adventures of Mommydom…..

Temmy Talks

For the past month or so, Temmy has been giving me and her Daddy a piece of her mind. She’s full of words when she first wakes up, when we’re laying on the couch watching TV, when we’re playing with her. She talks and talks and talks. Of course, whenever she’s on the phone or we try to record it, she’s as quiet as a church mouse. Today, she finally decided to share her thoughts with the world. Enjoy the first edition of Temmy Talks.

P.S. Temmy laughs soooo hard when she watches this 🙂

Just One of Those Days

Yesterday was an off day for me. Like Luther’s curl, I just couldn’t get right. I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I wanted to around the house. I almost put dirty dishes in the dishwasher with clean ones. Forgot to start the washer. I totally messed up dinner. The side dish was uneatable and I almost burned the meat. I splashed my entire stomach with boiling water. Luckily for me I didn’t get burned. And somehow I managed to dump water on the floor using nothing but a strainer.

If I had hair, yesterday woulda been one of those days….

Date Night

Saturday, December 3, 2011. That’s the day Temmy spent her first night away from home.

Todd planned a date night for us. It was our first one since….actually neither one of us can remember the last date we had. I was pregnant and it was warm out. Baby’s here and it’s cold out. We both agree that we’re long overdue for some Mommy/Daddy time so he got to planning a surprise night out for me.

I dropped Temmy off to her Nana’s house late Saturday afternoon. Surprisingly, it only took 25 minutes for me to leave. Then I got teary-eyed walking out the door. I made my first turn, then I called to make sure she was ok. After that, I promised I wouldn’t call anymore and proceeded home to get ready.

My mom called a few times while we were getting dressed. I missed all her calls (how could I forget to take my phone off silent? *SUPER Mommy fail*) and panicked when she didn’t answer when I called back. She called back asking about the bottle and wanting to let me know Temmy gets angry when you don’t move fast enough. *whew! Glad she wasn’t calling to tell me to meet her in the ER* 

Todd and I finished getting dressed and headed out to dinner. We decided on this Italian restaurant called Topo Gigio on Wells. It was really nice. Nice atmosphere, excellent food. Kinda dressy. We will definitely be going back for a birthday or something.

After dinner we walked down the street to Second City for a comedy show. From the second it started till it ended, we were laughing. We ordered two Pirates of Navy Piers (adult apple ciders) and got two souvenir mugs to take home.

On the way home, we made a split decision to go to the new casino. We’ve been wanting to go since we heard about it, it’s on the way home and we’re baby-free for the night so why not? We decided on a set amount to play, sat down at a slot machine, played 3 times, won double what we started with, stared in disbelief, cashed out and left.

We came home and crashed. I woke up this morning and immediately texted my mom. 40 min later I called every number I had for her. Did Temmy sleep thru the night? Why hasn’t she called me yet? Is everything ok? While I waited for my mom to call me back, we enjoyed our babyless morning by indulging in Hulu+ and leftovers. AAAAHHHH this is the life… When my mom finally called back, we got dressed and went to pick up Temmy.

It was nice playing Grown Up, but I’m glad to have my baby back. 🙂

Thanks Todd for a LOVELY date night!!!!


Our First Thanksgiving

I know this post is late but we had a very busy, but blessed, Thanksgiving holiday.

We started celebrating with dinner and a family sleepover at Keisha’s house on Wednesday. The sleepover is a new tradition that Keisha is starting and one that I’m looking forward to. I had a great time and I know that once the kids get older, they’ll enjoy each other’s company as well. In my head, the future sleepovers sort of remind me of the parties my granny used to have at the house – adults upstairs doing their adult thing (drinking, talking smack, listening to music, having a good time) while we kids were in the basement doing our kid thing (playing video games, talking smack, playing pretend, having a good time).

Thursday, we house hopped, going from my mama’s house to Todd’s aunt house to his best friend’s house, back to Keisha’s house before heading home. It was a very long day filled with lots of meets and greets, delicious food and driving. Apparently, Temmy thought so too because she cried every time we got in the car and we both passed out as soon as we got home. Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🙂

Uncle Todd & the birthday girl

Friday, Temmy and I slept in while Todd and Jason played the game and watched Netflix. Good day. 🙂

Saturday, we took family pix. The pix came out absolutely beautiful, but it was a very long day. We never got a chance to officially celebrate Nema’s birthday, but the birthday girl looked absolutely adorable in her pix.

Sunday, we dropped Jason off at Keisha’s so that he could grab some authentic Chicagoness before heading back to Houston. We chilled over there for a while before heading back home so Todd could get ready for work in the a.m.

All in all, it was a wonderful holiday filled with family. After all, that’s what the holidays are made for and I’m thankful for all of mine, both immediate and extended. LOVE YOU GUYS!


Thanksgiving Day

Todd and Temmy taking pix
Uncle Jason Loves the Kids
Uncle Jason and Temmy
Uncle Jason and Nema

C’mon and Braid My Hair

Singer Mario, Me and Temmy

Temmy met her first famous person today.

My mom called as we were walking out the door to drop Todd off at work to tell us that the singer Mario was coming to her school to talk to her kids.

After we left St. Sabina, we went to visit Lee before heading back to pick up Todd from work. Last time Lee saw Temmy she was two weeks old and sleep. This time she was wide awake for him.

Happy Friday!!!

Temmy and Great-Granddaddy

For nostalgia sake, enjoy :-D!