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5ive Ways Mommydom Changed Me

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a thinker. I have been guilty of overthinking the simplest of situations and so, true to nature, I’ve been thinking about how my life has changed since September 16. Here’s my list of the five ways Mommydom has changed me, in no particular order.

1. I’m a backseat rider. As long as I can remember I’ve always fought for the passenger seat. I thought the backseat was for lil kids and even when I was a kid I thought I was too big for the backseat. But when we took Temmy home from the hospital, I couldn’t imagine leaving her in the backseat all by herself, so I rode with her. And I’ve been riding with her ever since (when I’m not driving). So somebody tell Uncle Steve he doesn’t have to fight with me anymore to ride shotgun. I’ll happily buckle up next to Temmy in the back.

2. My phone’s primary purpose is to keep track of pees, poops, sleeps, and feedings. My unlimited everything is really going to waste these days. I resigned ALL of my WordFeud games when Temmy was born and the ppl who invited me to play again usually havta wait an average of 48 hours for me to play. The Queen of Text now takes hours to respond. Phone calls? Yeah, I didn’t like talking on the phone when I wasn’t tryna juggle baby, milk and poopy diapers all at once. I definitely don’t use my phone to make phone calls now. So if I’m not pressing a picture of a bra, bottle, poop, diaper, or sleeping baby, chances are I have no idea where my phone is.

3. I’m no longer Ms. Picture Queen. To everyone that said I stayed in front of a camera, guess what? I found the cure…a baby. Who would’ve thought that they’d see the day where I’d stop taking pictures of myself. Probably not my family and friends. But the day has come. If you go thru my phone, 99.9% of the pictures are of Temmy. And if you do find one of me, Temmy’s in it.

4. I have no personalized ringtones. Once upon a time, I had a different ringtone for everyone in my phone. I could tell you who was calling, texting, Facebooking, etc because of the song that was playing. I didn’t even need to look at my phone but just in case I forgot how to read, everybody had their own caller ID pic. That time is but a distant memory now. Awhile ago, my phone bricked itself and I had to get it replaced. I never bothered to customize it because it stays on silent all the time. Why? See #2 above.

5. I speak baby. Seriously. There was a time when I couldn’t say anything other than “Hiiiiiiiii *insert baby’s name here*”. I absolutely sucked at talking to babies. Now I hold 8-hour long convos with Temmy and can’t seem to hold a full conversation with an adult without talking to Temmy at some point. And if she’s not around, then she’s brought up at some point. SMH

Yes, Mommydom changes….

Girls Day Out

After lunch

Since the sun was out so bright yesterday, Temmy and I decided that we’d be out too. We dropped Daddy and Granddaddy off to work and then we went to breakfast at this pancake house called Rise n Dine in Wheeling. Very cozy, friendly staff and the food was good. Temmy laid back in her carseat and took in the scenery, smiling and making googly eyes at everyone that told her how gorgeous she was or how much hair she had. (If I had a penny for everytime we heard that…) I ordered and my food came minutes later (score!) Of course as soon as I said grace, she started crying, inconsolably. Either she gets quiet satisfaction from watching me try to refrain from pulling what little bit of hair I have out, or her and her daddy are conspiring against me. (I swear she ONLY does it when I take her around other people alone.) I’m pretty sure it’s the former, cuz as soon as she calms down she gets this “Gotcha sucka” smile on her face and then snuggles into my shoulder/neck.

My delicious breakfast

Two soggy pancakes and cold eggs later, I wasn’t ready to head back to home, so I looked up the nearest Barnes & Noble (gotta love Google Maps) and headed there to see what goodies I could buy with my gift card (thanks Ms. Murphy, always encouraging reading 🙂 ). I started out in the DVD section where I got detained by two ladies who repeatedly expressed how beautiful and adorable Temmy was. (Honestly, not to sound like a horrible person, but I get stuck after the second time complete strangers repeat their original compliment. I just keep saying “Thank you” with the cheesy smile on my face, but I feel stuck. Should I say more?) After about 10 minutes, I made it to the kids section where I got lost in the vast array of stories. Counting books, ABC books, books about pets, bedtime books, Thanksgiving books, classics from MY childhood, books inspired by TV, popup books, you get the picture. So Temmy and I walked around picking up book after book then we sat down for me to read them to her while she slept. I couldn’t choose just one. We will definitely be back.

Where we ate lunch

After wandering around the greatest place ever created for a born reader for hours, it was lunch time and Temmy has her Daddy’s appetite :-p. We parked by this nice little man-made pond to enjoy our food and the wonderful day. After lunch, we listened to music until it was time to get Daddy.

What a wonderful Friday out!

Check out the Many Faces of Temmy

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Temmy Temp

Halloween for kids and adults alike means that you can dress up as someone (or thing) that you’re not the other 364 days of the year AND you get to stock up on candy for free. 🙂 So in the tradition of all things orange, we took Temmy Trick or Treating for her first Halloween. Carrying around all that extra candy really wore her out – she was knocked out after the first house. I guess long walks around the neighborhood will put a spell on her that not even things that go bump in the night can break.

Enjoy these tricks and treats.

Getting dressed
Daddy and his Pumpkin

Temmy and Granddad
“Look at my strong grip”

Temmy collecting her candy
Mommy’s pumpkin is tired. Trick or treating is hard work.
Happy Halloween!!!
Wiped out
Temmy’s hard work. Daddy’s lunch.

We Are Family

Temmy meet JZ, JZ meet Temmy

We took Temmy to see Auntie Erica, Uncle Tony, and cousin Jack today. While it wasn’t their first time seeing her, it was her first time seeing them and she had a LOT to say to her older cuz. After following each other across the room with their eyes, they finally sat down stood up to catch up.

Temmy: Whatup JZ!!??
JZ: Dang Temmy! You getting BIG!!!

She’s Growing Up *tear*

First the bottle, now the pacifier. She’s taking both with no problem now which means she’s taking her first steps to independence. Such a bittersweet experience. I’m glad to be able to get some freedom back, but I’m not ready to come to terms with the fact that she no longer needs me for everything all the time.

*sigh* The complexities of mommydom.

When Daddy’s Away, the Girls Will Play

Todd went to Peoria for the weekend for his frat’s 50th anniversary leaving me and the little one home alone. It was my first time alone with Tempess for more than 9 hours. I was nervous and worried but also excited. If I made it thru this alive, then yup I really am a mom AND I can take care of my daughter. Not a feat to be taken lightly 🙂 Plus I had the apartment to myself which meant NO Call of Duty or Dead Island for over 48 hours!!!! Oh yeah, bring out the ice cream time to celebrate.

Nema holding Temp

OF COURSE the weekend didn’t go as planned. Since Todd didn’t need a ride home from work Friday, I decided me and Temp would spend the day in the city visiting Auntie Keisha. Afterwards we’d visit with some friends and then head back to the burbs. The powers that be must’ve hated that plan cuz a few hours into our visit, I get a text saying that Todd needs a ride from work. His frat bro had to go to the hospital unexpectedly (he’s fine), so our visit with Keisha was cut WAAAAAAAAY short. Go figure. Then me and Temp sat in traffic for two hours 🙁 just to get her daddy from work. And his ride practically beat us to the house. FML. I ordered pizza and called it a night. We’ll try again tomorrow.

Knocked out after the walk

Saturday was worse. Temp didn’t sleep Friday night and was super cranky and fussy all day. She cried whenever I put her down for more than 5 min, and moaned and kicked in her sleep. I finally got her down around midday and we both took a long-overdue nap. 😀 When she woke up we went for a nice long walk and a (not-so) quick Walmart run. HUGE mistake. Temp cried as soon as I put the first item in the buggy and wouldn’t stop till I picked her up. Problem solved, but now it’s like being pregnant all over again – I can’t pick anything up LOL. The real fun came when I got home and had 8 bags to carry upstairs plus a baby. Good grief what did I do to myself? Two trips to the car later, Temp and I settled on the couch for a night of Netflix and leftovers. Maybe tonight we’ll actually get some sleep.

OMW to church

Wrong again. Temp’s constant groaning and kicking and hunger and my fear of oversleeping woke me up on average every two hours. Somewhere around 3am I started rethinking my decision to go to church. But I left my alarm set at 7. Somehow I managed to start dinner and leave (only) 20 minutes late despite the constant crying to be picked up and fed and the diaper changes. GO ME!!!!! I’m finally getting the hang of it :-). I pick up Krissy and the girls and we head out for a Sunday of fellowship – church followed by food and lightweight shopping. Too bad Krissy was sick and it only got worse once we got to church. We never made it pass devotion. After I dropped her off, I went shopping for some hair products for me and a Halloween costume for Temp. All I managed to find was some moisturizing cream by Silk Elements. Let’s hope it’s good enough to make my hair forgive me for 8 months of neglect and abuse. I also managed to get a costume for Temp. Oh yeah things are finally looking up.

Getting a quick nap in before service

All in all, it wasn’t what I had planned but.it wasn’t all bad either. Any time spent with my princess is always time well spent. But next time, she’ll be packed in Todd’s suitcase and I’ll be the one enjoying a weekend of debauchery. 🙂