TB3: Week 38

TB3 is the size of a ukulele. Y’all, I’m still pregnant. Didn’t see that coming. I thought for sure TB3 would be here by now. This week, my church birthed a new location. TD1 turned 8. But, I did not birth a new baby.  This has been a painful week and ended with me in... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 37

TB3 is the size of a tackle box. This week started off with a non-stress test to make sure TB3 is okay - she is. But because this has been the easiest pregnancy ever, I'll be going for these weekly until she comes. Which at the beginning of this week, I was sure I'd only... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 36

TB3 is the size of a cabbage patch doll. Week 36...what can I say. This was the week that forced me to face reality - TB3 is almost here. I was really forced to face reality that I've gone as far as I can go. It wasn't a reality I wanted to admit as mentally... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 35

TB3 is the size of a backpack. This week started with the girls' first day of school. I personally think it's an act of God that they made it to the first day, especially given how last week ended. We also took our maternity photos this week. I had so much fun. We kept with... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 34

TB3 is the size of a basketball hoop. We kicked this week off with our long anticipated road trip across the border. It was a struggle to get on the road as we were not prepared...at all. But we loaded up in the car and five hours later, we were across the border. TB3's not... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 33

TB3 is the size of a junior tennis racquet. This week was a blur and super long. Between T-Daddy having to work long hours for work and me having to work long hours for work, I'm not quite sure how we're managing a family anymore. We were supposed to leave tonight for our family vacation,... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 32

TB3 is the size of a scooter board. I think this week can be summed up in a list: I have officially started counting down. Although, I'm convinced TB3 is going to come before her due date. I can feel TB3 move more. She especially likes music and food. Really good food makes her dance.... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 31

TB3 is the size of a foam finger. This was the week of the BIG reveal. And let’s be honest - no one really cares about anything else this week. If you missed it live (or just want to see it again), you can check it out on IGTV. For all those concerned, T-Daddy is... Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 30

TB3 is the size of a motorcycle helmet. What. A. Week. This week has been all about TD1's allergies. I've been delving deeper into the black hole that is corn allergy. Each new discovery led to more feelings of overwhelm and despair. I'm pretty sure that I did not take very good care of me... Continue Reading →

TB3: WEEK 29

TB3 is the size of a Barbie convertible. Week 29 - almost in the homestretch. All in all, this was a good week. Not too much craziness or illness or chaos. We managed to get in a playdate at the pool, a family date and VBS has given T-Daddy and me a few date nights.... Continue Reading →

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