Book Review: Mother To Son

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FACTS: I’m black. I’m married to a black man. We’re raising black daughters. We’re both Christians. We’re both active in our church. We live in white surburbia. These truths drew me to Jasmine Holmes’ book, Mother to Son. For a while,… Continue Reading →

Introducing TD3

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After what seemed like an eternity, TD3 is here!! If you’ve been following along, you know the month leading up to her birth has been a very long and painful one. So much so that I went on home rest… Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 32

If there was ever a week I wanted to throw away, this one is a strong contender. This week broke my heart, y’all.  First, I needed a few days to recover from all the birthday hoopla. And just when I… Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 31

This week was all about TD2 as I prepared for her big quarantine birthday. Since the original shelter-in-place was extended to April 30, she has been sad about her birthday. Sad that she wouldn’t see her friends. Sad that she… Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Month 7

TD3 LIKES: Mommy 💜Daddy 💜My sisters (and their silly antics) 💜Nursing 💜Eating 💜Oranges 💜Trying to climb things 💜Music 💜Standing 💜Pulling my hair 💜Being outside 💜Eating 💜Crawling TD3 DISLIKES: Sleeping 😡When no one pays attention to me 😡Getting my nose cleaned… Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 30

This week’s update is probably pretty boring compared to past weeks’. We’ve pretty much settled into a routine around here. With the news that the stay-at-home order is extended till May 30, we’re not going anywhere. Staying inside breeds much… Continue Reading →

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