Started this life with laughs and still laughing

Happy 4 years to us! I can’t believe that it’s been four years since T-Daddy and I said “I Do!” Some days, it feels like it’s been longer. Some days, it feels like it was just yesterday.

I had an emotional moment on my way to my prenatal non-stress test yesterday. I decided to preview the labor and delivery playlist for any songs that probably shouldn’t be on there. All of a sudden “Sweet Lady” by Tyrese comes on and I just got this flashback of walking down the aisle, musicians playing behind me and seeing T-Daddy waiting for me in front of the lighthouse. He picked that song for me to walk to. Needless to say, I cried half the way to the hospital.

Call me a cake, but anytime T-Daddy picks something out or has a preference, it means so much more. He’s usually pretty “go with the flow,” and I’m the hopeless romantic out of the pair, so for him to say he had a specific song he wanted, meant something. 

The arrival of TB3 has sort of eclipsed this anniversary. There’s no big celebration or plans. Gifts, if any, will be small. We’re pretty much spending every moment waiting for TB3 to determine that she’s ready to make her entrance. Yet, this anniversary seems especially special. 

We’re only four years into this. We have so many more to go before we can even qualify as having any kind of idea about what we’re doing. But I feel like we’ve grown a lot this year. We bought a house. We conceived a child. We pushed each other’s buttons in horrible ways. We showed up for each other in remarkable ways. And through it all, we chose each other. Over. And over. And over. Even when we didn’t want to. 

I know that there will be days where I don’t want to love my husband. Or respect him. Or even look at him, if we’re honest.

But I also know that there will be days where I can’t get enough of him. Where I want to smell him. See him. Hear him. Touch him. Inhale his entire essence. Those days, he will be my knight in shining armor. My couple of forevers. My fairytale ending. 

And then there will be days in between. Where dirty diapers and jobs and dishes and laundry consume us and we’re merely coexisting in the same space. 

Year 4 showed us all of those. And I’m sure the years to come will too. I welcome it all. Because Year 4 also showed me that there’s no one I’d rather do this crazy journey with than T-Daddy. I’m his sweet love for a lifetime.