Mommydom really does bring out the best and worst of you. Here are my personal top five Mommydom worsts.

1. Sucking pacifiers. I remember watching Boyz in the Hood thinking man that looks sooo silly what kinda grown person sucks a pacifier. Now I AM that person. I always put her pacifier in my mouth before I give it to her or if we’re out and she no longer wants it, I hold it in my mouth. I’m pretty sure I suck it more than she does. Smh

2. My memory. Remember those “this is your brain on drugs” commercials?? Someone should make a “this is your brain on Mommydom” commercial. I swear I can’t remember anything …..

3. I sing. This might not sound like a worst, but if you think that then you’ve never heard me sing. And now I do it all the time. EVERYTHING is a song. Temmy just spit up? There’s a SONG for that.

4. I’m jealous. I’m not even gonna lie. I spend all day with Temmy, wake up with her in the middle of the night and yet, I still feel a little bruised ego when she smiles and makes googly faces at Todd. Those are supposed to be my kisses she’s giving away.

5. I nap. Don’t get me wrong naps are necessary every now and then. However, I usually fall asleep at least once a day trying to put Temmy to sleep. Then I wake up and realize that I have a few moments to actually take care of things around the house before she notices I put her down. I know “sleep when the baby sleeps” is the most given advice, but it feels so wrong. Even when my sleep-deprived body says otherwise, all I can think of are the things not getting done.

Ahhhh the adventures of Mommydom…..