In a post about life insurance, my fave mommy blogger wrote,

My husband lost his mother ten years ago this month and I’ve seen firsthand the pain of being mother-less. It’s hard on him and his siblings, even as the years tick by. I asked my husband what was the one thing he remembered most about his mother. His response?

“I remember how much she loved me.” What a perfect answer.

And that’s all we want, right? That’s all I want. I want my kids to understand that I love them. With all the air I breathe, with every ounce of my soul. I love them. So much, sometimes, that it almost hurts. If I do nothing else, I will show them that they are loved unconditionally and that there is nothing they have to do to earn my love. It’s already here. Always has been and always will be. Forever and ever.”

I first thought about my mom and how much she loves and I wanted to share it with her. I thought of me, Temi and T-Time. Then I thought of all the moms I know. They all want their kids to know how much their loved. It’s a mom’s legacy.

To my mom: I love you!