There’s so much that I want to write about. So many blog posts floating around in my head. But sadly not enough time to write them all. I keep saying tomorrow, but tomorrow finds me too busy. And who knows by the time I actually have time, will I even remember them or will they even still be relevant?

Will it matter how much I struggled adapting to the various changes in my life in a short period of time if by the time I get around to writing about it, I’m so well-adapted it’s hard to imagine not being adapted? Or how hurt I was by the changing dynamic of my friendships if those people are no longer around for me to even remember calling them friend? I had a follow up post to one of my posts that I’ve been wanting to write but never could find the time to dedicate to it and now things have changed so I’m not even sure the topic’s worth revisiting. For a while now, I wanted to write a post about grandmothers – how much mine meant to me; how blessed Temi is to have so many. I needed quiet time to get in my element so that I could give the post the attention it needed. I knew it was gonna be emotional for me, so I haven’t exactly been pressing myself as I wasn’t sure I was ready to talk about that. A few weeks ago, I saw a few seconds of a video of my granny for the first time since she passed almost eight years ago. *Le sigh* That post might just have to wait a little longer. There was also the post about personal struggles and the lessons I hoped to pass on to Temi that has yet to come to fruition.

There’s at least a dozen more. Relationships. Mommydom. Food. Natural Hair. But they never come to be because I never have time. It seems like there’s always something. Something going on. Something to do. Something demanding my attention. This post only exists because I needed a 5 min (yes I wrote this in less than 5 min) breather so I could go back to focusing on the more pressing issues. Hopefully one day my thoughts will actually exist in a world not solely contained in my head.