Parents of Three: Week 20

Fevers and coughing and snot. Oh my! Yup, the winter nastiness has entered the T5 household and taken out 2/3 of the TDs. There’s been lots of sneezing and coughing and snuggling with mommy. And waking up in the middle of the night. And baby vomit. And congestion. And runny noses. On top of that,... Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 19

The highlight of this week can be summed up in one sentence:  I dropped TD3 off to daycare and left her milk at home. And I felt horrible. And nothing else matters. Or at least that’s how it felt in the moment. My overly dramatic emotions eventually came down to normal-ish levels and I went... Continue Reading →

Parents Of Three: Week 18

We survived the second week of T-Daddy back at work. Things went a little smoother this week...until TD3’s sleep schedule didn’t. Something about being in daycare is throwing her sleep schedule off. For three nights after her last day there, she went to bed earlier and woke up earlier. Like 3 am earlier. I can... Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Month 4

TD3 LIKES: Mommy Nursing Eating Mommy's face...and her locs My sisters Being held Sleeping on my stomach Rolling over Bright lights/screens Trying to eat Daddy Talking Staring at people Pulling my hair TD3 DISLIKES: Being in my carseat When no one pays attention to me Getting my nose cleaned Laying on my back This month... Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 16

Oh sweet, sweet, bittersweet 16! This week marks the end of T-Daddy’s parental leave and life as we know it. On Tuesday, we are back to a two-working-parent household. Pray for us!! We’re still settling into the new routine and it was rough for TD2 this week. She left her homework folder at home two... Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 15

This week started off with my first solo friend date since TD3 was born. Huge shoutout to PB for making it happen. Honestly, if there weren't purchased tickets involved, I may have tried to reschedule. It was the night before the girls started their new school and my anxiety was peaking. But, I managed to... Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 14

Welcome to 2020 (and Week 14)!!! We brought in the new year as a family watching Netflix, playing games, and switching to the countdown at the very last minute. It may be a new year, but some things never change. TD3 is back to sleeping through the night...her night just starts anywhere between 12-2am now. Good... Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Month 3

Today, TD3 turned 13 weeks old and three months old. Since Week 13 and Month 3 fell on the same day, here are 13 highlights of the past month: I went back to work. I had a few mom hangouts...with TD3 tagging along, of course. The older TDs had their last holiday program before they... Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 12

These weeks keep going by...each one faster than the last one. It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 weeks, yet here we are. I’d say I’m settling into a groove, but I feel like that requires me to be on top of things. And, balls keep getting dropped, so we’ll settle for taking it... Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 11

So Week 11...we had some wins and we had some losses.  Honestly, this week was a blur. I forgot how busy things can get at work and this was one of those weeks. I had back-to-back meetings on Tuesday. Wednesday, the girls had rehearsal for their holiday program...and since their school programs are held at... Continue Reading →

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