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What Did You Say??

Today marks the one-year anniversary of TD2’s surgery to have tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed. I thought that was the going to be the end of the journey. Who knew it was just the beginning.  Before… Continue Reading →

Momfessions: Box Tops and Cookie Dough

Fact 1: I like eating raw cookie dough. Fact 2: The TDs’ school collects box tops. I was walking through Walmart when I found myself eye-to-eye with some sugar cookie dough. Somehow, the cookie dough ended up in my hand… Continue Reading →

Momfessions: Wasps/Hornets, Public Bathrooms and Pullups

One day not too long ago, the girls and I came home after running some errands. Before we could get settled, I noticed a HUGE flying black thing with a stinger. I quickly evacuated my apartment and texted T-Daddy. There’s… Continue Reading →

Momfessions: Never Say

Never say I don’t love my kids….. I just gave them the last of my pizza. If that isn’t love, then I’m incapable of loving anyone.

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