What Did You Say??

Today marks the one-year anniversary of TD2's surgery to have tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed. I thought that was the going to be the end of the journey. Who knew it was just the beginning.  Before The Surgery This actually all started 6 months before her surgery. It was a regular... Continue Reading →

Momfessions: Box Tops and Cookie Dough

Fact 1: I like eating raw cookie dough. Fact 2: The TDs' school collects box tops. I was walking through Walmart when I found myself eye-to-eye with some sugar cookie dough. Somehow, the cookie dough ended up in my hand and I happened to notice a box top on it. It was at that moment... Continue Reading →

Momfessions: Sleeping Together

T-Daddy wants TD1 to sleep in her bed. I don't mind.   TD1 wants to sleep with Mommy. I don't mind that either.   As much as I like having a bed to myself (since 90% of the time someone falls asleep on the futon in front of the PS3), I also like that warm,... Continue Reading →

Momfessions: What Now

As I write this, I'm sitting in bed with a heating pad on my left shoulder. I'm left-handed and right now it hurts to do anything with my arm. And I just wanna cry. Cry because I feel damaged. Cry because my body hurts and aches in places and ways I've never known before. Cry... Continue Reading →

Momfessions: Allowance

If TD1 likes to clean when she gets older as much as she does now, I may havta rethink this whole tying her allowance to her chores thing. Bank MaMa and DaDa will go broke broke.

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