T-Talks: Frosting

Overheard at the dinner table: T-Mommy: May I be excused? TD1: Ummmm, I still see food. T-Mommy: I'm gonna save it for later. TD1: Oh ok, you can be excused. T-Mommy: I ate all my vegetables. TD1: But why you didn't eat all this? *holds up macaroni* T-Mommy: I did, and I'll eat the rest later.... Continue Reading →

T-Talks: (Dis)Appointed

T-Mommy: I'm almost ready. I just need to finish these last two nails because if I don't... TD1: I'm gon be so appointed because I really, really like my frozen nails. *Want nails like these for you or your daughter? Check out http://rikaberry.jamberrynails.net/ for more designs.*

T-Talks: Patend Pampon

TD1: Look Mommy!!! I got a patend pampon (pretend tampon), just like you!!!! The things kids do with tissue......and the things they decide to imitate......

T-Talks: Small Ones

T-Daddy was laying on the couch, shirtless when this happened: TD1: Daddy, you have small ones like me!!! T-Daddy: Yes, baby I do. Now don't touch. Now that TD1 knows her anatomy and what nipples are, maybe it's time to teach her about personal boundaries.

T-Talks: I Sorry

We taught TD1 to apologize when she did something wrong and now the following conversation is common place in our house. Todd: TD1!!! TD1: I sorry Daddy, it's ok. I sorry. I not do that. I luh zhou! I guess now we have to teach her to only apologize if she truly is remorseful.

T-Talks: Foot Hort

TD1 has reached a stage where only Mommy can do everything. Daddy can't do it. Regardless of what it is. Unless it's skate. Then in that case, "Mommy you can't skate. Your foot hort. You stay here and me and Daddy go so you don't hort your foot." How thoughtful!

T-Talks: Diffcult

Todd (To TD2): Baby, you're being difficult. TD1: Ma, Baby diffcult. Me: TD1, do you even know what difficult means? TD1: Yeah. Me: What does difficult mean? TD1: (Pauses for a second) Uhhh diffcult!

T-Talks: I Got This

☆★Today's post is Day 22 of the #31WriteNow blog challenge. I'm posting a new entry every day for the month of August★☆ TD1 had just finished peeing in the potty when she tried to empty the tray into the toilet. Not wanting her to spill pee everywhere, I simply said, "That's okay. Mommy will do it." To... Continue Reading →

T-Talks: Poop

Recently, we were at Auntie E's when lunchtime rolled around. Determined to keep playing, TD1 engaged me in the following conversation: Me: Sit down. TD1: Mama, noooooo. Me: It's time to eat. Sit down. TD1: Ow, poop, Mama, poop. Me: You pooped? TD1: Poop. Poop. Me: Come here. Let me see. *TD1 grins, turns around,... Continue Reading →

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