Saturday, December 3, 2011. That’s the day Temmy spent her first night away from home.

Todd planned a date night for us. It was our first one since….actually neither one of us can remember the last date we had. I was pregnant and it was warm out. Baby’s here and it’s cold out. We both agree that we’re long overdue for some Mommy/Daddy time so he got to planning a surprise night out for me.

I dropped Temmy off to her Nana’s house late Saturday afternoon. Surprisingly, it only took 25 minutes for me to leave. Then I got teary-eyed walking out the door. I made my first turn, then I called to make sure she was ok. After that, I promised I wouldn’t call anymore and proceeded home to get ready.

My mom called a few times while we were getting dressed. I missed all her calls (how could I forget to take my phone off silent? *SUPER Mommy fail*) and panicked when she didn’t answer when I called back. She called back asking about the bottle and wanting to let me know Temmy gets angry when you don’t move fast enough. *whew! Glad she wasn’t calling to tell me to meet her in the ER* 

Todd and I finished getting dressed and headed out to dinner. We decided on this Italian restaurant called Topo Gigio on Wells. It was really nice. Nice atmosphere, excellent food. Kinda dressy. We will definitely be going back for a birthday or something.

After dinner we walked down the street to Second City for a comedy show. From the second it started till it ended, we were laughing. We ordered two Pirates of Navy Piers (adult apple ciders) and got two souvenir mugs to take home.

On the way home, we made a split decision to go to the new casino. We’ve been wanting to go since we heard about it, it’s on the way home and we’re baby-free for the night so why not? We decided on a set amount to play, sat down at a slot machine, played 3 times, won double what we started with, stared in disbelief, cashed out and left.

We came home and crashed. I woke up this morning and immediately texted my mom. 40 min later I called every number I had for her. Did Temmy sleep thru the night? Why hasn’t she called me yet? Is everything ok? While I waited for my mom to call me back, we enjoyed our babyless morning by indulging in Hulu+ and leftovers. AAAAHHHH this is the life… When my mom finally called back, we got dressed and went to pick up Temmy.

It was nice playing Grown Up, but I’m glad to have my baby back. 🙂

Thanks Todd for a LOVELY date night!!!!