Sunday night I went to the Industry Standard Natural Hair and Fashion Show. I was super excited to go because it was my first hair show and there was gonna be live music. In case y’all didn’t know, I LOVE live entertainment.

Carmen and I got there before the doors opened at 6 and we proceeded to wait in line. An hour later and we walked into a room with a few seats reserved for VIP and tons of floor space. Guess this is what open seating means. The room gradually filled up as more people showed up to stand. Behind us were nice plush seats and fancy tables reserved for vloggers. I wonder how many backs and butts will make their debut on one of those vlogs this week.

We people watched for another 90 minutes then the emcee came out to hype the crowd up. I woulda been feeling his energy but at this point my lower back was killing me. I had been kicked off my heels so my feet weren’t as bad. Carmen found us a spot on the window to lean up against. Before we could feel what relief felt like, some snotty chick jumped up talking bout “somebody sitting there….me”. She must’ve thought her words were clever cuz she didn’t shut up about how she put Carmen in her place. Since we couldn’t even see the heads of the performers and the southside was getting ready to come outta Carmen, we decided we’d leave.

We walked towards the door and were told we couldn’t. Apparently some genius decided to make the public exit the entrance to the runway. I thought after E2 or whatever that club was called it was illegal to only have one exit…… One of the event people came to talk to us to convince us to stay but all she did was make us glad we were leaving. Event planners please note, “Well it was a rush job” is NOT a valid reason for unorganization.

The first scene ended and we boarded the elevator with about 10 other people. Maybe my next show will live up to its potential.