A month and a half ago, I wrote about the wiggly tooth that really was wiggly. Since then, TD1 has been wiggling and wiggling till she had a permanent “my tooth is about to come out” gap. I didn’t think she would make it to the first day of school.

She did.

The tooth even managed to survive her not-so-fun fall out of her chair earlier this week. Friday, she was able to make a 90-degree angle with her tooth, but it was still holding on.

Then it wasn’t.

I came back from running errands Saturday afternoon.

TD2: Mommy, [TD1’s] tooth came out!!! You have to see this!
T-Mommy: No way! [TD1] is this true?
TD1: Yup!
T-Mommy: It just fell out?
TD1: No, I wiggled it out.
T-Mommy: How did that happen?
TD1: Well, I was wiggling it to help it fall out and it got stuck so I had to *motions with hands* and it just came out.

TD1 lost her first baby tooth!

She showed me her tooth that she put in her special Tooth Fairy can so it wouldn’t get lost. I was not ready for how cute it looked. Actually, I’m a little creeped out by all the feels I felt towards this now dead body part.

I had a few more errands to run before church, so I promised her we’d work on her Tooth Fairy letter after church. Of course, she went straight to sleep after church. Does this mean the Tooth Fairy should wait or still come tonight? While I was pondering what the Tooth Fairy would do, she woke up and I reminded her we had work to do. This letter wouldn’t write itself!

True to her nature, TD2 was super excited and couldn’t stop herself from looking at TD1’s tooth, causing her to temporarily lose it while TD1 was writing her letter. Thank God that TD2 has awesome memory and eyesight better than both her parents. Level 1000 tantrum averted!

We wrote our letter and went to bed. While we were sleeping, the Tooth Fairy visited TD1 and left her a dream dust-covered letter.

TD1: I think next time we should write her a letter that says “Thank you for writing me and leaving me a special $2. I LOVE IT!”

And just like that, my baby is growing up.