Until this year, my daughters have always taken a while to grow into their clothes. I mean like still wearing 24 months clothes on their 3rd birthday, kind of take a while. So imagine my surprise when at the start of this school year, TD1 was in between a 3T and 4T and now, sevenish months later, she’s outgrowing her 5T leggings. She won’t be 5 for another four months. Likewise, TD2 went from 18-24 months to straddling between a 3T and 4T. She just turned 3.


T-Daddy and I are completely unprepared for this growth spurt. TD2 is faring a little better because she gets to pull from the reserves of TD1’s old clothes, but even that is sparse. They are both in need of a full-fledged shopping spree.

If their physical growth wasn’t enough, they are both evolving into little women with their own personalities. Everyday, they say or do something that is new and amusing, and lets me know they’re a little older today than they were yesterday. We have detailed conversations about their day, wants and fears. I’m constantly being called to look as they show me the latest dance or athletic feat they mastered.

It’s enough to make your heart grow the size of five Grinch hearts. And it does. I love watching my daughters grow and get bigger. As they do, they teach me a lot about how to love and forgive unconditionally, to let my hair down and have fun. As a mom, you hear a lot about how you shouldn’t rush this time and it goes away in the blink of an eye. But, I’m looking forward to them getting bigger. Not in a “these toddler years are hell and I’m ready to be over them” kind of way. I truly cherish my late night snuggles and tickling hug fests with them. But I’m also curious to see how their individual personalities and interests will develop and change over time. With each new learned behavior or milestone they meet, I can’t help but feel a little proud.