After lunch

Since the sun was out so bright yesterday, Temmy and I decided that we’d be out too. We dropped Daddy and Granddaddy off to work and then we went to breakfast at this pancake house called Rise n Dine in Wheeling. Very cozy, friendly staff and the food was good. Temmy laid back in her carseat and took in the scenery, smiling and making googly eyes at everyone that told her how gorgeous she was or how much hair she had. (If I had a penny for everytime we heard that…) I ordered and my food came minutes later (score!) Of course as soon as I said grace, she started crying, inconsolably. Either she gets quiet satisfaction from watching me try to refrain from pulling what little bit of hair I have out, or her and her daddy are conspiring against me. (I swear she ONLY does it when I take her around other people alone.) I’m pretty sure it’s the former, cuz as soon as she calms down she gets this “Gotcha sucka” smile on her face and then snuggles into my shoulder/neck.

My delicious breakfast

Two soggy pancakes and cold eggs later, I wasn’t ready to head back to home, so I looked up the nearest Barnes & Noble (gotta love Google Maps) and headed there to see what goodies I could buy with my gift card (thanks Ms. Murphy, always encouraging reading 🙂 ). I started out in the DVD section where I got detained by two ladies who repeatedly expressed how beautiful and adorable Temmy was. (Honestly, not to sound like a horrible person, but I get stuck after the second time complete strangers repeat their original compliment. I just keep saying “Thank you” with the cheesy smile on my face, but I feel stuck. Should I say more?) After about 10 minutes, I made it to the kids section where I got lost in the vast array of stories. Counting books, ABC books, books about pets, bedtime books, Thanksgiving books, classics from MY childhood, books inspired by TV, popup books, you get the picture. So Temmy and I walked around picking up book after book then we sat down for me to read them to her while she slept. I couldn’t choose just one. We will definitely be back.

Where we ate lunch

After wandering around the greatest place ever created for a born reader for hours, it was lunch time and Temmy has her Daddy’s appetite :-p. We parked by this nice little man-made pond to enjoy our food and the wonderful day. After lunch, we listened to music until it was time to get Daddy.

What a wonderful Friday out!

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