So my baby turned big girl today. That’s right she’s a whole 6 months today. I’m all over the place. Super excited – we made it 6 months as parents. That’s a huge accomplishment for any new parents. Temi is advanced for her months (what can I say she has a smart mommy and a sorta smart daddy jk). Temi’s bout to start baby food so yeah new chapters ahead I’m excited.

But she’s 6 months, it came too fast. Her ears still aren’t pierced. We still don’t have godparents picked out. She still hasn’t been christened. She’s growing and developing faster than we can prepare. In 6 months, she’ll be a year. This Is a bittersweet moment.

Nonetheless, my princess looks adorable, she keeps me and Daddy amazed and in awe, and most importantly she has the key to my heart. So to my wonderfully sweet baby girl: Mommy loves you and HAPPY 6 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!