Today, T-Daddy and I will celebrate the one year anniversary of the day I said “Yes!”

A lot has happened in the days since he first asked (like getting married) that has made me reflect on the magnitude of that simple three-letter answer. I wasn’t just saying “Yes.” I was saying “Yes” to ALL of him – the good, bad, ugly and weird. But, hopefully I was also saying “Yes” to a lifetime of happiness with my best friend.


 On December 11, 2014 – less than two weeks after he asked – while late night IG scrolling, I came across a book that was all about the happiness in marriages AND it was only 99 cent. So at 1:29 a.m., I downloaded “The Happy Wives Club” on iBooks and then sent out screenshots to all of my friends that I thought might be interested. The author, Fawn, traveled the world talking to happy wives to find the secret to a happy marriage. I wanted to find out what she learned. I wanted to be a happy wife in a happy marriage. I want to be a happy wife married to a happy husband in a happy marriage.

How fitting that today is also the day I finished the book. And, what do you know? The secret to a happy marriage is choosing a happy marriage. At the end of the book, Fawn listed 12 things that each of the couples she interviewed had in common that she believes are the secrets to a happy marriage. Only they’re not really secrets. And T-Daddy and I already have a great deal of them in our relationship. The only thing left is for us to choose happiness. Everyday.

A week from tomorrow will mark the three-month anniversary of the day I said another very important three letters, “I do!”

So, today, exactly 365 days after I said “Yes” to marrying him, I’m also saying “Yes” to choosing to be happy with him till death do us part. I’m choosing T-Daddy.