Christmas Eve is almost over and I just keep thinking that it should feel different. My holidays as an adult are completely different from my holidays as a child. Things were easier, more delightful back then. I wish I could revive those moments.

But really…..

I really wish Vera was still alive. The more I live, the more I recognize the difference she made. And, the more I realize that not only was 17 years not enough with her, but I was also too young to appreciate and make the kinda memories I would love to have to reflect on right now.

I am, however, thankful that I never had to see her in an unfortunate light – in my memories, she was the perfect grandmother. And, I wouldn’t change that for the universe. I hope my children get the same opportunity with their grandparents.

In a world that is increasingly evil, hurtful and dangerous, it doesn’t hurt to have someone that you see as purely good. As a parent, I have to administer tough love and while I’d love to be their blissful happily ever after, I know more than likely it will be the grandparents that win that title. And I’m ok with that. I believe grandparents are God’s gift to children and I truly cherish the bond my children have with their grandparents.

And they are fortunate enough to have three sets.