Mommy πŸ’œ Daddy πŸ’œ Playing and laughing with my sisters πŸ’œ Nursing πŸ’œEating πŸ’œ My caterpillar πŸ’œ Running πŸ’œ Music πŸ’œ Screaming when I don’t get my way πŸ’œ Pulling my hair πŸ’œ Being outside πŸ’œ Eating πŸ’œPutting things in my mouth


Falling asleep 😑 When no one pays attention to me 😑 Being held captive in my high chair, car seat or someones arms 😑 Not being able to eat 😑 Waiting 😑 Mommy walking away 😑 Watching other people eat

This has been one busy month for us! Last month, TD3 started walking and this month, she perfected her run. She went from dragging Mommy and Daddy all through the house to just running all through the house. She leaves no room unexplored, but her favorite is the living room.

She’s also quite vocal these days, but our favorite (and cutest) word is “Hi!” Even though her tone can get quite testy, TD3 still loves to flash that million-dollar smile that just makes you want to eat her up.

This month also saw TD1’s sit-in and the follow-up feature on her in the newspaper. T-Daddy and I are so proud of her and the way she is using her voice to make a difference. I can’t wait to see the great things she accomplishes in life because the girl’s got some real ambition.Β 

We also did a thing this month and had a few social distancing hangouts with the grandmas so they could see the grandbabies. I must admit I didn’t expect to be so moved by how happy they were. I’ve kinda gotten in a bit of a routine and used to living in our bubble. It was nice to see people.

We are ending this month by wrapping up our first week of homeschool. It was a fun week and I’m looking forward to this journey. In addition to the people who have reached out to me, I was blessed to stumble across a community of Black homeschooling families which has me feeling more and more confident about our decision to homeschool.

Y’ALL!!! This time next month, we will have officially made it through our first year as a family of five and have a one-year-old. 😳😳 Making that announcement this morning may have brought on some feelings of jealousy and FOMO for TD1 who somehow really thinks I’m the type of mom to forget about her birthday. πŸ™„

Y’all pray for me. I got two birthdays to plan and a tween and queen toddler on my hands. Next month’s curriculum might just be “How not to drive your mom up a wall.”