• Mommy
  • Nursing
  • Eating Mommy’s face…and her locs
  • My sisters
  • Being held
  • Sleeping on my stomach
  • Rolling over
  • Bright lights/screens
  • Trying to eat Daddy
  • Talking
  • Staring at people
  • Pulling my hair


  • Being in my carseat
  • When no one pays attention to me
  • Getting my nose cleaned
  • Laying on my back

This month has been a month of transition: the older TDs started a new school, T-Daddy went back to work, and TD3 started daycare. There are good days and not-so-good days, but we’re figuring it out and trying to get into our own little groove. Patience, mercy, and grace are the words on repeat these days. 

TD3 continues to amaze me in all the ways. It’s unbelievable how someone so unexpected could make my heart burst with so much joy. Her smile really does brighten my day. She talks all the time. And a few times, we’ve been able to make out words such as “Mama,” “No,” “Thank you,” and “Uh huh.” She doesn’t like to say these on the regular, so hearing them can feel like spotting a unicorn, but luckily more than one person has always heard her when she’s said one of these words.

Other milestones TD3 hit this month include rolling over in her sleep and *gasp* sleeping in her crib. Not only is she sleeping in it, but she’s sleeping through the night. Up until recently, she’s always slept in her bassinet. T-Daddy was ready for her to sleep in her crib, so while I was out one day, he put her to sleep there and she stayed sleep. She’s been sleeping in her crib ever since.

TD3’s not the only one hitting milestones these days. Today, TD2 lost her first tooth! Forget biting an apple. Apparently, a good bowl of Cheez-Its will do the trick. Her tooth practically fell out in my hand.

Guess the Tooth Fairy will be busy tonight. Let’s hope she doesn’t have other work to do.