So Week 11…we had some wins and we had some losses. 

Honestly, this week was a blur. I forgot how busy things can get at work and this was one of those weeks. I had back-to-back meetings on Tuesday. Wednesday, the girls had rehearsal for their holiday program…and since their school programs are held at our church, it was double-duty for me. TD3 also had her two-month check the same day. Newsflash: we have a tall baby with a big brain. Who knows, maybe TD3 will be our athlete.

By Wednesday evening, I had completely lost track of time…and days. The TDs’ actual program was Friday…which also coincided with a very important doctor appointment for T-Daddy. So there I was rolling solo with all three girls and working the program. Superwoman Syndrome in full effect.

Siblings and classmates

We survived. TD3 was quiet most of the program. She woke up for both her sisters’ performances, then back to sleep she went. The older TDs did great! And, they didn’t make it super hard to leave at the end. Winning! I even managed to record some videos and send to T-Daddy. Super winning!

After the program, I held the fort down while T-Daddy rested and recovered. Which meant TD3 and I had to pass on a last-minute invite to a Bulls game. I picked out her outfit and she was ready! But I couldn’t leave TD1 and TD2 with T-Daddy when he was in and out of sleep-talking consciousness. (Sleep-talking consciousness is the state of sleepiness where T-Daddy responds to something that is said, even if it is not directed at him. Or said by someone physically in the room, like say a TV convo. And because he’s sleep responses are rarely coherent.) Plus, I know that if the tables were turned, I would want T-Daddy to stay home and help with the TDs.

Our week ended with a weekend of indoor quality family time. A perfect ending to a week of work craziness and family craziness.