Oh sweet, sweet, bittersweet 16!

This week marks the end of T-Daddy’s parental leave and life as we know it. On Tuesday, we are back to a two-working-parent household. Pray for us!!

We’re still settling into the new routine and it was rough for TD2 this week. She left her homework folder at home two days in a row. Plus, spelling homework is not her favorite (but it falls in line with everything we’ve seen from her since we started this hearing/speech journey).

We had our IEP meeting for TD2 and then she started speech therapy. It’ll be two times a week. Honestly, a weight has been lifted. This is the moment we’ve been waiting for. Now, we get to get her the help she needs and hopefully start to see an improvement. Plus, apparently TD1 can benefit from some speech intervention as well, so she’s doing therapy once a week as well.

As a mom, knowing that they are both benefiting from these services gives me peace of mind about our decision. You never know if you made the right call until it’s either the right call or the wrong call. So it’s nice to get some affirmations along the way.

My big win this week – juggling all the things I needed to yesterday. I did a new thing at work…and it was kinda cool learning a new skill. Then, I was able to catch a lunchtime movie with T-Daddy and we still made it to pick the girls up on time. Then later…T-Daddy and I managed to get some time in together after the girls went to sleep. This is huge as we usually have different bedtimes.

It was just one day, but I felt a balance between work, marriage, and kids. It was enough to give me hope that I can settle into a routine that will work. Things are crazy at work and at home, and most days I feel like I’m dropping balls rather than juggling everything. And even though part of my “win” did involve a small loss – missing TD2 recite a line at a small ceremony at school – it still felt good to have almost everything line up for once.

T5’s gon be alright!