We survived the second week of T-Daddy back at work. Things went a little smoother this week…until TD3’s sleep schedule didn’t. Something about being in daycare is throwing her sleep schedule off. For three nights after her last day there, she went to bed earlier and woke up earlier.

Like 3 am earlier.

I can barely think and she wants to have full conversations and play with my face. This goes on for about three hours until we both fall asleep in the rocking chair. Then, it’s time to get the older TDs up and out the door. It wasn’t until Saturday that I realized we had the same problem last week…and it started on her last day of daycare too. Hoping the third week’s the charm and this doesn’t become a habit.

TD3 also had her 4-month checkup Saturday. She continues to be a beautiful, healthy baby. Even if she has come down with a minor cold/immunity adjustment to being in daycare. She moved up in the weight and height percentile and went down in head circumference. So I guess she’s finally growing into her head. And…maybe we’ll get a basketball or volleyball player.

You know how they say be careful what you ask for because if you ask God to give you more patience, he’ll give you kids. Yeah, I asked God to help me be a better wife and so far he’s given me opportunities to practice patience, submission, and gratitude this week. My pastor says that “Submission is only tested when you disagree.” (And his wife says, “Submission is ducking, so God hits your husband.” So I guess really God’s just giving me lots of opportunities to duck haha.) But in all seriousness, this week has really been stretching me as a wife. T-Daddy and I have had some tough, but necessary conversations. I’ve also had to bite my tongue at some things and make time for him in the midst of chaos and transitions. 

I ended the week with the Wifey Round Table and it’s amazing how refueled and refreshed I felt afterwards. Here’s to a new week!