Fevers and coughing and snot. Oh my!

Yup, the winter nastiness has entered the T5 household and taken out 2/3 of the TDs. There’s been lots of sneezing and coughing and snuggling with mommy. And waking up in the middle of the night. And baby vomit. And congestion. And runny noses. On top of that, I’ve just felt off all week too. Probably my body fighting off the nastiness that TD2 and TD3 got. So yeah…It’s been a real blast over here.

One plus of TD3 in daycare is that I get jewels like these 😍

My heart broke when TD2 realized that she was going to miss her class’s Valentines Day party. “It’s the worst being sick and missing Valentines Day. I don’t wanna be sick anymore!” She cried and climbed into my lap. I didn’t even know she cared about Valentines Day. A holiday where everyone in your class gives you candy….of course she cares. C’mon Mom!

Thankfully, TD2’s teacher sent her valentines home with TD1, and we had a heart-shaped pizza, so I think that made up for missing her party at school. 

Now we go into a 4-day weekend which hopefully will mean lots of rest and recovery. (And no one else gets sick.)