• Mommy
  • Nursing
  • Music
  • Walking with Daddy
  • My sisters
  • Being held
  • Sleeping for long periods of time


  • Being in my carseat
  • Diaper changes
  • Loud noises

We’re three weeks today!! We celebrated by going to church for the first time. Well, technically the second time. We visited earlier this week so the staff could meet TD3 for the first time. I didn’t realize how much I missed everyone until I saw them. At the same time, I felt weirdly out of place. Like coming back home after moving away. It was a good visit. Glad we got to see everybody.

Being back at church was good as well. I did sneak out early so me and TD3 wouldn’t have to deal with the crowd. As much as I love my church, I’m still not ready for crowds. We’ll get there one day. Maybe. 

Another first this week – my first time being alone for an extended period of time with all three girls. T-Daddy went to dinner with one of his frat bros and played basketball with the guys at our church afterwards. I felt a lot of anxiety about being home with the girls alone. I also had to cook dinner and get them ready for bed, while taking care of TD3. I survived. 

While this week was a good week for the most part, it did come with the kind of somber news that my asthma and back labor from pregnancy left me with some pretty awesome presents – chest and back pain. While I’m glad that the chest pain isn’t due to a blood clot in my lungs, I had hoped that once I delivered TD3, the pain would just magically disappear. Guess there will be lots of deep breathing and yoga in my future (once I’ve been cleared to go back to exercise).

I can’t believe that next week will be 4 weeks already. Where did the time go?