This week’s update is probably pretty boring compared to past weeks’. We’ve pretty much settled into a routine around here. With the news that the stay-at-home order is extended till May 30, we’re not going anywhere. Staying inside breeds much of the same ol’, same ol’ – remote learning, cooking, cleaning, repeat. I’m not complaining by any means.

At La Casa de T5, we see this as a good thing. More time to rest. More time to connect with each other. (And by connect with each other, I really mean argue over what we’re going to watch on Netflix during mealtimes.) I may actually emerge from this quarantine with an empty watchlist on both Netflix and Hulu….hmmmm. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably never clear either one of those lists. 

These days, I’m feeling more at peace and more relaxed. I feel like I’m better able to show up as a wife, mom, and friend. Overall, I feel less stress and pressure. I even reconnected with a few people that for some reason or another I had lost touch with. It’s not lost on me that I enjoy certain privileges that allow me to be in a state of peace during this chaotic time and I am beyond grateful that God is allowing me (and T5) to experience them. I know that at any moment things can change and shake up our world, so I’m trying to take things day-by-day and practice mindfulness daily. A huge part of that is making sure I spend time with God in a variety of ways.

And that’s pretty much it. Like I said earlier, this was a pretty low-key week. By this time next week, I’ll have a 7-month-old and a 7-year-old. Lucky number 7. See you then!