We made it to the infamous week known as Week 6. This is supposed to be when all the magic happens – you’re considered officially recovered. You get cleared for *ahem* activities. Life goes back to normal…plus one new person.

That’s not at all how this week went. It started with our deep freezer going out. Half the milk I had stashed in there thawed out by the time we noticed it. Luckily, my whole stash wasn’t in there and I have some amazing people who gave me tips on how to repurpose the thawed milk so it wouldn’t go to waste. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, yes I did cry over thawed milk. 

This week also found me leaving TD3 for more than a few hours. I signed up to do a focus group, but it was downtown. So when you factor in traffic, I was away from my baby for 5 hours. Her dad may have appreciated the extra bonding time, but I was not ready for it to happen so soon. I almost canceled and I may or may not have considered asking if I can bring her along. (I didn’t.) It did allow me to experience the wonderful gift known as a pumping bra when I pumped while driving on the way there and the way back (covered of course). Otherwise, I’m not sure how I would have survived. 

See the smile on that lady’s face? It’s been a while since I’ve seen that face smiling back at me. “Hey friend, glad to have you back!”

Another big event this week – TD3 and I took school pictures. I almost forgot but we showed up and she had on her onesie gifted by the TDs school. I managed to throw together an outfit with the school colors and pull my hair back into a stylish ponytail. Throw in some earrings and I actually looked like an adult who could adult. I later added my nursing scarf (which turned out to be quite fashionable). While I wouldn’t say I’m “officially recovered,” it was the first time since early in my pregnancy that I felt like me. Better than me actually. I felt good. I looked good. I almost forgot I had a newborn…until I met up with my friend later and was practically fumbling trying to carry baby, diaper bag, lunch, travel bassinet, keys. I remember this being easier the last time I did this…and I had two toddlers. Even still, it felt good to be out and about.

We also had a few visitors this week, which included babysitting for the first time since TD3 was born. Our niece spent a couple nights with us and suddenly there were three girls constantly watching TD3’s every move. It was also a glimpse into life with four kids. And I think we’re good with three kids. But it was fun playing pretend for the weekend.

Six weeks ago, this day seemed so far away. Now that it’s here, it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. Each day, we get a little more settled into this new crazy.