Someway, somehow my heart grew strings and attached itself to the two people I’m currently living with. I’m not sure when it happened, but it did and they have figured out how to play my heart like a puppeteer.

There are days when I want to ring Todd’s neck. I mean SERIOUSLY, does he HAVE to eat pickles all over the apartment? Now, every room smells like pickles and you know that’s just not a good smell when you have guests coming over in 30 seconds. Just when I’m ready to stuff him in a large jar of pickle juice and shove him in the storage unit, he wants to do all these things to make me smile. Cleaning, cooking, back rubs, head scratches, massages, giving up shooting ppl so I can watch TV, taking Temi off my hands. How can I stay mad at that??

And Temi. Anyone that’s met her is all too familiar with that heartwarming smile. Just when I’m at my wits’ end, in dire need of a break, she climbs in my arms, flashes me her infamous smile and gives me an open mouth kiss wherever her lips land – my cheek, eye, nose, shoulder. All before breaking into an infectious and highly contagious laugh. Break? Who said anything about needing a break???

So now here I am just days away from the mini vacation I’ve been planning since Oct/Dec, and I’m having second thoughts. Oh I’m definitely still going. I’ve earned it. But it’s not as sweet as I’d like it to be. Cuz even though I’ll only be gone a weekend, I know they’ll be back home pulling at my heart strings every second, making me miss them more than I already will, and probably more than I should. *sigh*

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