☆★Today’s post is Day 17 of the #31WriteNow blog challenge. I’m posting a new entry every day for the month of August★☆

We have reached that stage where Tempess is overly ecstatic to use the potty. Where she says she has to potty even though she doesn’t. Nana bought her some Elmo panties that she loves and refuses to take off. In retrospect, it’s prolly the panties that landed us here. Anyhow, here is where Temi yells Mommy pooottteeeeeee then runs full speed towards the bathroom. Here is where she pulls her pants down, sits on the potty then empties the potty into the toilet all on her own.

She still won’t poop in the potty. And she will occasionally have an accident, but I can’t help feeling some kinda victorious.