A while back, T-Daddy and I decided that the time had come for us to be consistent in our potty training of TD2. The problem is that our lives and our schedules are usually pretty inconsistent.

Luckily, last Saturday, one of us got a break and was able to stay home* with the girls all day. During this time, TD2 decided she wanted to start taking herself to the potty.

Fast forward 24 hours and TD2 is taking her pull-up off, sitting on the potty, wiping herself and enthusiastically running bare-bottom through the house, yelling “I poo in potty day!!!!!”**

One weekend and she’s self-trained herself. I don’t know whether to be proud or worried. Or both. She’s apparently even smarter than we already suspected.

*By home, I mean at someone else’s house with an accessible children’s potty, where obviously our children feel free enough to run around like they pay the mortgage.

**Translation: I peed in the potty today!