T-TalksTD1: Mom, you’re not my real mom.

Me: Who’s your real mom?

TD1: My real mom and dad are invisible. I was invisible and then I came here through an invisible mirror.

Me: Oh really? When did you come through the mirror?

TD1: When I was 5.

Me: But you’re 4 now.

TD1: Yeah, I got younger when I went through the invisible mirror and now I’m not five here but in the invisible world I’m really 5 and my real parents are invisible too. And my invisible mom is nice. She lets me eat all the candy I want and I’m happy because it doesn’t give me cavities. I never have cavities in my real life. But Mom?

Me: Yes sweetie?

TD1: My invisible dad is mean. He yells at my invisible mom and pushes her and bites her. So I put him in timeout for four minutes because he’s four and then he eats all his food and get bigger and bigger and then he forgets and yells at invisible mom again and bites her and pushes her because invisible Daddy is mean.

Me: That is mean. It’s a good thing that Daddy isn’t your invisible Daddy and he’s nice to you.

TD1: But he’s not my real daddy. My real Mommy and Daddy are invisible like me. But I came through the invisible mirror so you can see me but not them.