T-Daddy and I finally took our first flight with the girls and it was interestingly non-eventful.

Well, once we actually got in the air.

Unlike the last few times we flew, we were actually early for our flight. TD2 was restless so T-Daddy walked around with her while we waited to board. TD1 was super excited and wanted to know why we weren’t on the plane yet. In fact, she wanted to know why the plane wasn’t outside our house when we left. Bored with waiting, she decided she wanted to walk with daddy and her sister.

T-Daddy and I switched so he was on luggage duty while I took the girls airport seeing. And that’s when I got the call. You know the “We’re boarding call.” Only, it was more like:

They just announced that our gate was changed and it’s the last call to board.

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt????

So we pick up the girls and our luggage and start booking it. Until I realize that I am in no shape to be running and carrying TD2. So I tell T-Daddy to switch and run ahead of me. He can at least get them to hold the door for me. He goes ahead and TD1 and I run as fast as we can. We get to the gate and I all but pass out.

The agent lets us on the plane, we find our seats and……the guy next to me informs me before I sit down that he’s going to move to the empty seat across the aisle. The flight attendant then asks the guy next to T-Daddy several times if he wants to move. At first he declines, then he thinks about it but there’s no place for his luggage so he decides against it.

And that will be when the pilot announces we are waiting to get fueled and we’ll be on our way. After about 30 minutes of waiting, the guy next to T-Daddy calls AA and asks if he can upgrade to First Class. So he grabs his stuff and leaves. We wait some more and then they tell us we’re being deplaned because we’re still waiting for fuel.

We get off and TD1 asks if we’ve made it yet. We try to explain to her what happened and find food. As soon as we settle on the fast bad for you option, they announce our plane is boarding again. This time, we go to our seats and proceed to eat, while we wait for our plane to get fueled, de-iced and cleared for take off.

Two and a half hours later than our scheduled departure, we are in the air. Unfortunately, TD1 is passed out and missed it. TD2 is amused by the clouds surrounding the window and keeps standing up to put her head against the glass. About 45 minutes in, she gets sleep cranky and starts crying. I rock her to sleep.

It’s at this point I remember the slight offense I felt at people requesting to move before they even got to experience a flight next to us and I am suddenly overjoyed that I have the space to stretch out with a sleeping toddler.

The rest of the flight is pure silence. We land, they wake up. T4 survived.