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Momfessions: Wasps/Hornets, Public Bathrooms and Pullups

One day not too long ago, the girls and I came home after running some errands. Before we could get settled, I noticed a HUGE flying black thing with a stinger. I quickly evacuated my apartment and texted T-Daddy. There’s… Continue Reading →

I’m Scared: An Open Letter to My T’s

I’m scared so I hug you I’m scared so I kiss you I’m scared so I cuddle you close and smell the essence of you I let your sloppy wet kisses linger on my cheek I come find you in… Continue Reading →

Video Games and Kids Apparently Just Don’t Mix

Maybe my household will never get this memo. Hopefully. When Temi was a few weeks old, she’d cry every time Todd played COD. Lately, he’s been playing other games tho. I don’t know if it’s the games he’s playing now… Continue Reading →

Daycare :-/

This time next week, Temi will be in daycare. I’m full of mixed emotions as I count down the days. Since I decided to take the job, I’ve been tryna convince myself it’s the right thing to do. Some days… Continue Reading →

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