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T-Talks: Poop Again

The other day, I was trying to put up book bags and get us ready for movie night when I heard THE death scream. I went running into the girls’ bathroom to make sure no one fell in the toilet… Continue Reading →

T-Talks: Frosting

Overheard at the dinner table: T-Mommy: May I be excused? TD1:¬†Ummmm, I still see food. T-Mommy: I’m gonna save it for later. TD1: Oh ok, you can be excused. T-Mommy: I ate all my vegetables. TD1: But why you didn’t… Continue Reading →

Because It’s Friday

☆★Today’s post is Day 9 of the #31WriteNow blog challenge. I’m posting a new entry every day for the month of August★☆ Temi dressed me today, well, because:1. She wanted to.2. She was so serious about it.3. It made her happy.4. And… Continue Reading →

Lunchtime With Temi

Once a week, I visit Temi at her school and have lunch with her. I usually feed her and play with her. When I got there today, she had just finished eating so I gave her the remaining ounce of… Continue Reading →

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