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T-Talks: President Daddy

Looking at a $1 bill: TD2: Daaaaddy!! Me: No, that’s the First President of the United States. TD2: *angry scowl* DAAAAAADDDDY!! Me: That’s Daddy? TD2: Yes! Me: Daddy’s the President of the United States? TD2: Yes! Daddy! 😀 And, there… Continue Reading →

T-Talks: White Brown

TD1 on race: I not black. I brown. Mommy, you’re not brown. You’re white brown!!! And my hand white brown too!

“Election Means You Choose”

On Tuesday, like so many others in our timelines, T-Daddy and I voted. It wasn’t anything unique or special about our voting experience. In fact, it was pretty non-eventful – we went, we waited, we voted, we left. The day… Continue Reading →

Speaking Your Mind Or Being Disrespectful

“Respect Your Elders.” That was one of my mom’s golden rules growing up. Disobeying that was a cardinal sin. It made her look bad, and among other things, she would not have a disrespectful child. She’d kill you first. As… Continue Reading →

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