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What Did You Say??

Today marks the one-year anniversary of TD2’s surgery to have tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed. I thought that was the going to be the end of the journey. Who knew it was just the beginning.  Before… Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 25

Well that escalated quickly. School’s going to be closed a little longer. We’re being told to shelter in place. It’s been a whirlwind week, with things changing by the minute. This week was tough. All the TDs home from school…. Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 24

I should’ve known this week was gonna be a doozy when we had to cancel T-Daddy and TD1’s daddy/daughter date because she was on one. Then, TD2 got hurt on our mommy/daughter date. The only good thing about the way… Continue Reading →

Parents of Three: Week 16

Oh sweet, sweet, bittersweet 16! This week marks the end of T-Daddy’s parental leave and life as we know it. On Tuesday, we are back to a two-working-parent household. Pray for us!! We’re still settling into the new routine and… Continue Reading →

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