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What’s Cookin Doc?

I completely forgot to post last week’s menu but in case anyone’s looking for ideas I’ll post it at the bottom. This week I’m trying my hand at a few new recipes. I’m also happy to report that I knew… Continue Reading →

Meal Plan Isn’t Just for College Students

Four years ago if someone said those two words – meal plan – to me, I immediately thought of my BU ID and the invisible cash on it I used to eat in the cafeterias. Now, as a post grad… Continue Reading →

Pizza Monster

I would eat a piece of pizza and she’d snatch up the crust. We turned our back for one second and she snatched the whole slice…..

Sluuuuuurp, Yummy Smoothie

I found these pix and video from earlier this month. What’s not captured is Temi snatching the straw from her Dada Daddy smh…. ~ Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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