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9+6=15+1=16: Our First Year of Marriage

Today marks our one-year anniversary, and I must say, it went by fast. In honor of our first year of marriage, here are 16 things I learned about Wifedom this past year: I’m selfish. Before I got married, I considered… Continue Reading →

And We’re Baaaaack….to School Again

Monday, the TDs started school. The fact that it’s Thursday and I’m just writing about their first day should be a good indicator of how it went…..busy….and exhausting! I definitely was not ready. I felt like the summer went by… Continue Reading →

“Can I Have Your Kids?”

“What are you guys doing this weekend?” “Nothing, what’sup?” “Can I have your kids?” “Huh what?” “For a sleepover. Tiana* has been asking to have a play date with the girls and since we can’t get our schedules to line… Continue Reading →

Getting Bigger

Until this year, my daughters have always taken a while to grow into their clothes. I mean like still wearing 24 months clothes on their 3rd birthday, kind of take a while. So imagine my surprise when at the start… Continue Reading →

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