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The Wheels on the Bus

The Wheels on the Bus. Temi is beyond loved at her school. She knows EVERY teacher there. I’m constantly met with “She is so0o0 cute.” “I just love her smile.” “I can’t wait till she’s in my class.” It makes… Continue Reading →

Temi’s Toys

Now that Temi is moving about and getting into everything, we decided to bust out the toys she got at the baby shower that we packed away and completely forgot about. She seems really fascinated by the rollercoaster. She played… Continue Reading →

UPDATED: Playtime and FamilyTime

We visited with Erica, Tony, and Jack Jack yesterday. Temi got to spend time with her cousin and it was nice just hanging out with Erica and Tony. Temi seemed to really enjoy herself AND Jack taught her a new… Continue Reading →

Strike A Pose

Because Temi takes after her mom and is a true camera queen, here are random pix of her for everyone that keeps saying “Send me pix!!” Enjoy 🙂

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