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TB3: Week 37

TB3 is the size of a tackle box. This week started off with a non-stress test to make sure TB3 is okay – she is. But because this has been the easiest pregnancy ever, I’ll be going for these weekly… Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 36

TB3 is the size of a cabbage patch doll. Week 36…what can I say. This was the week that forced me to face reality – TB3 is almost here. I was really forced to face reality that I’ve gone as… Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 35

TB3 is the size of a backpack. This week started with the girls’ first day of school. I personally think it’s an act of God that they made it to the first day, especially given how last week ended. We… Continue Reading →

TB3: Week 34

TB3 is the size of a basketball hoop. We kicked this week off with our long anticipated road trip across the border. It was a struggle to get on the road as we were not prepared…at all. But we loaded… Continue Reading →

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