TB3 is the size of a matchbox car.

This week started with the much-anticipated trip to the hospital for TD2’s surgery. I’ve had so much anxiety leading up to this surgery, so as you can guess, much of this week has been focused on TD2. Her surgery did go very well, so I am so relieved. And she is already hearing and breathing better, so this mama is resting easy knowing T-Daddy and I made the right call. I spent lots of time cuddling and catering to her and just being thankful that everything turned out okay. Thanks everyone for your prayers and well wishes!

The other big focus this week has been trying to get a car. We’ve been very blessed that the Focus hasn’t left us stranded in the middle of the street yet. Although, I did think we were going to get stranded on the expressway. On the way to the hospital, the “Check Engine” light started flashing. We pulled over, cut the car off and prayed that we could just get to the hospital in time for her surgery. Luckily, we made it there and back. We haven’t really left the house or our neighborhood too much to test it, other than a few dealerships to look at cars.

Speaking of which – did you know that car shopping with kids is a whole thing? 1. They’re very restless and impatient. But, 2. It allowed us to actually visualize ourselves in the car. Between the Focus being on life support and being a Focus, we know we need a new car before the baby comes. Otherwise, I’m risking having another baby in a car on the side of the road. And, having nowhere to fit all three of the kids. TD2 will be sitting on TD1’s lap inside a booster. So yeah, we need a bigger car. It’s surprising how bigger doesn’t always equal roomier though. I was surprised at the amount of leg room TD2 didn’t have in some of the cars we looked at. And, she’s my peanut. So if her legs are cramped now. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like later on.

Between playing nurse/pillow and looking at cars, I haven’t had much time to focus on pregnancy. Which I’m okay with. The fact that I could “forget” I was pregnant for a few days has actually been a bit of a relief. I think I’m finally in the upswing of pregnancy. I even went and did some light yard work since the weather was nice. Take that pregnancy!

Week 13 you weren’t half-bad.