TB3 is the size of a box of crayons.

Week 15 started out with the best news ever – I have a belly buddy due one day after me!!! It’s not someone I’m especially close with, but I do see them pretty regularly. Between work and church and friends, it just feels pretty amazing to be surrounded by so many pregnant ladies.

Apparently, my belly has officially popped to the world because the recurring comment this week was some version of “Oh look, you have a belly now. How cute!!!” As I struggle to bend down these days, “now” feels like it happened weeks ago. But, I do love being able to share this journey with people. And I don’t even mind people asking to rub my belly. (Though I’m still waiting to actually feel kicks.)

The hardest part about this week has been the sheer exhaustion. I’m not tired all the time like the first trimester. Thank goodness! But everything takes so much out of me. I haven’t quite figured out how to pace myself to make my energy lasts for longer spurts. Once I’ve hit a wall, I’m pretty much emotionally and physically useless. So grateful for the grace being shown in my house right now. (Lots of chores and cooking being mailed in these days.)

Pregnancy brain is also becoming more and more real. I texted a friend asking, “How did I not know this was happening?” She very lovingly responded, “We talked about this on Thursday. I love you.” So to everyone else, I apologize in advance for all the things I will inevitably forget. My memory is officially untrustworthy till further notice.

Tomorrow starts a new week and I can’t wait. Ok. Really, I’m just anxiously waiting for those kicks and flutters.