TB3 is the size of a motorcycle helmet.

What. A. Week.

This week has been all about TD1’s allergies. I’ve been delving deeper into the black hole that is corn allergy. Each new discovery led to more feelings of overwhelm and despair. I’m pretty sure that I did not take very good care of me or TB3 this week.

There were lots of tears this week as I generally just felt helpless. I don’t know if it’s the magnitude of dealing with such a huge allergy or me being pregnant or both. I just feel like such a noob with this parenting thing. Public family events. Going away parties. Family dates to the movies. Prescription meds. They all were reminders that corn is everywhere and there’s so much of our life that TD1 has to watch from the sidelines now. I even spent an hour and a half on Target’s floor looking at every shampoo, body lotion and body wash comparing the ingredients to my list of “NO’s”. I walked out with one product that I’m not entirely sure will do the job but it was the only thing safe.

Shout out to all of the women that have checked in on me and offered me advice. You guys have given me strength to keep pushing on when I honestly felt like throwing in the towel. Which I know isn’t an option. This is TD1’s health we’re talking about.

Pregnancy-wise: we toured the birthing center. It’s starting to feel a bit real. The girls were kind of excited to see the birthing tub and Mom and Baby room (or whatever they call it). Now, we just have to come up with our birthing plan (all I have so far is water birth) and pack our hospital bag and come up with a plan for the girls. Oh, and pick out names.

It’s also time to get ready for our much anticipated gender reveal. This time next week, we will finally know what we’re having. My bet’s on a human. But hey, Stranger Things have happened.