TB3 is the size of a junior tennis racquet.

This week was a blur and super long. Between T-Daddy having to work long hours for work and me having to work long hours for work, I’m not quite sure how we’re managing a family anymore. We were supposed to leave tonight for our family vacation, but as you probably can guess: we’re not ready. We’re hoping to leave first thing in the morning and I am ready for this much needed rest from life.

It’s been one of those weeks where I needed to be on my A-game, but in pregnancy A-game doesn’t exist because there’s aches and pains and pregnancy brain. And to top it off, I’m pretty sure I have pregnancy rage. I didn’t know that was a thing, but as I looked at TD1 and TD2 and saw red, I’m pretty sure it’s a thing now. 

So yeah, T5 badly needs this vacation. And hopefully, I’m not risking it by traveling too close to TB3’s due date.