TB3 is the size of a basketball hoop.

We kicked this week off with our long anticipated road trip across the border. It was a struggle to get on the road as we were not prepared…at all. But we loaded up in the car and five hours later, we were across the border. TB3’s not even here yet and already she’s been out of the country.

We walked so much during this vacation that I was pretty sure I was gonna induce labor. Braxton Hicks contractions came with a vengeance. I even told the girls that if the baby was born in Canada, we were going to name her Toronto Quebec. Any idea how citizenship would have worked at that point?

We had a great time on vacation. But, of course, this week couldn’t end on a high note. That’s just not how this pregnancy is determined to go. 

After getting a flat, getting stuck in Flint, MI for 9 hours and TD1 getting sick an hour away from home, you’d think the worst was behind us. Guess whose routine prenatal appointment turned into a trip to the ER because she reacted to the TDAP vaccine.

Yup, this mama! Luckily, it wasn’t life-threatening, but scary nonetheless how quickly things progressed. One minute I was fine, then I was a little nauseous. Then, it felt like my throat was closing. A breathing treatment and a few hours later, and I was free to go home.

Week 34 has been nothing shy of eventful. I’m scared to see what the remaining weeks have in store for us.