TB3 is the size of a beach ball.

Week 40 was the longest shortest week ever!

It started with my weekly prenatal appt and non-stress test. Before the morning was over, we were in heavy talks of delivering TB3 on my due date and not letting me continue any further. While there were no imminent concerns, between a less than perfect non-stress test, my asthma, officially being past my due date and my history of fast deliveries, I was a cautionary tale. 

We agreed that since I had a membrane sweep, we would let me go home and try to labor naturally. If she didn’t come on her own, we had to come back the next day and if things looked less than perfect, they would induce us. 

The next day came and things looked good, so the question was how much longer before we evict TB3? It seemed like forever before we got an answer to that. If she didn’t come by Monday, we’d move forward with scheduling her eviction. 

We never made it to Monday. Since Day 1 of this pregnancy, TB3 has shown us that she does her own thing. And in true TB3 fashion, she made sure her birth was on her terms. 

And just like that, this week was over two days after it started. Though it felt like ages.

Stay tuned for the full birth story. Coming soon.