TB3 is about the size of a bb pellet.

This was the week of the infamous Chicago polar vortex, so I spent a great deal of it indoors, which actually turned out to be good because I was extremely tired.
A few hours after I found out I was pregnant, the symptoms rolled in and they have not slowed down. I don’t remember feeling this pregnant, this fast with TD1 or TD2. Bets are being placed on if that means TB3 is a boy or twins (major side eye for that last one). I was also reminded that I’m older now and it could simply just be old(er) age that’s got me feeling it. Whatever. I’m over these symptoms.
T-Daddy and I also decided that we’re not going to get the early ultrasound, so that means waiting until 20 weeks before I ever lay eyes on the little human my body is creating. Seems so weird, but I’m definitely pregnant as Aunt Flow still hasn’t shown up, soooo I think I’ll survive.
I’ve also been trying to come up with a plan for daycare and work and maternity leave and everything is all dependent on each other. So I need to figure out what to tackle first. Still feeling pretty excited about all of this, but I want need a plan.