TB3 is about the size of a 2×2 LEGO brick.

I can’t believe that we’ve known for a whole month now….seems so crazy how much time has passed since that first morning staring at that stick.
My nausea didn’t let up this week, but I am feeling a little less anxious. Let’s hope that continues into the next week.
This week has been a bit rough on me, emotionally. I found out that someone I knew as a teen died. She was 32 and I’m turning 32 in about a month, so it really just put things into perspective. I also found out that my childhood pastor died a few days after Christmas. I can’t believe that no one told us until now, especially how close my family was to everyone at the church. It was also a really tough week at work. Just one of those weeks where you just really need to unwind because it’s so much hitting you at once. So I decided to take prenatal yoga at my favorite yoga studio. Then, I treated myself to a night out afterwards. Totally out of my comfort zone, but I also knew that I wasn’t in the right headspace to go home to T-Daddy and the TDs. I didn’t want to take out my frustrations on them. I would not have been a happy mama.
Also, this week: I tried to be cute and wear a dress. When I say it was so tight on my stomach and hips, I’m surprised I was able to breathe or walk. And apparently, it showed off my baby bump, which is probably the only plus. Guess I’ll be upgrading my wardrobe sooner rather than later because I am officially over jeans and the constant buttoning and unbuttoning that comes with pregnancy.