We recently put TD1 in Awana* (but that’s another story), and as I was working through her workbook with her, there were a few activities that required drawing.  Of course, TD2 wanted to draw as soon as she saw Big Sister with the crayons. So I got some crayons and a couple of scrap papers for TD2.

I continued going over the lesson with TD1, which included learning that A is for Apple, God loves us, A is also for all, and all have sinned. Occasionally, I’d stop and check on TD2 to make sure all walls and floors stayed clear. Suddenly, I hear: “Maaaaaaa, look! Looooooooook! Eat apple. Eat apple!!!!! He ea’in Apple.” So I took a look at what she was pointing at.

I can’t tell you what it is exactly, but I can tell you that it’s something.

She shows me the picture she drew of what in her words is someone eating an apple. I must say my mommy grin got really cheesy.

  1. She’s only 2 1/2.
  2. She can’t even write her letters yet (we’re working on it).

BUT she drew this.

It also makes me wonder which one of her uncles have been been practicing with her……

*Awana is a year-long Bible study for children where they learn the Bible through activities, games and songs and can earn badges. Kind of like a Boy/Girl Scouts, but for the church.